Thursday, May 22, 2008

All About Number Two

Yeah... I don't mean Samantha. I mean Poo. If you don't like to hear about it, skip this post. If you are morbidly curious, read on.

So, with a newborn in the house (8 days old today! Hooray!), there is a lot of talk about poo. When was the last time she went? How much? What color? The hospital even gives you a "Poop Chart" that shows the size, color, etc. to watch for - very appetizing! It's amazing to me how many times a day you talk about it... And Samantha is what I like to call a "Sneaky Pooper"... she generally fills her pants 30 seconds after you change her. Someone needs to have a talk with her about the cost of diapers.

And now, the rest of the family is getting into the act. Bandit (the cat) has decided to only poo on the floor directly outside the litter box. So, I get to have a discussion about poo with the vet.

Addi is borderline potty training, so every hour we are asking her if she needs to go, has already went, etc. We read books on poo... she blames her smelly pants on Elmo and her stuffed animals... And she has been struggling with the change to a new sitter (our regular is on vacation) so she won't go at daycare and constantly has an upset tummy. Last night she again woke up at 2 a.m., puking in her bed, so Jay got to hand wash several stuffed animals and we got to sleep with Addi again.

And - interesting fact for those who have yet to have a baby - when a newborn goes poo, it sounds similar to a nuclear attack. VERY loud... very distinct.

This morning, Addi and Jay were sleeping, and I was feeding Sam in our bed. She chose that opportunity to poo her pants, and Jay (who was sound asleep) jumped straight up out of bed! Apparently the sound was loud enough to wake him up. That's some powerful poo.

In non-poo related news, Sam had her third check up yesterday to check her bili levels (she was borderline jaundice) and they are finally going down. She is gaining weight like a champ and is up to 7 pounds, 11 ounces, only 2 oz away from her birth weight! To help continue to fight the jaundice, she is supposed to eat a lot and sit in the sun whenever possible. The kid has a better tan than anyone else in the house!

Addi holding Samantha - she loves to do this!
Tanning in the window

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