Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So, that’s all I can think about…. Various aspects of time!

The TIME change… and how it’s wrecked havoc on Addi’s bedtime (but on the bright side, 2 of my clocks are finally “right”, since I never changed them before!)

TIME left until Baby gets here… and how I have a ton to do still… really, we have plenty of TIME left but I am impatient and want it done yesterday… I guess work is finally rubbing off on my personal life!

Nap TIME… and how I think it should be mandatory at work!

Potty TIME…. Not just a song Elmo sings anymore! Addi woke up on Sunday and said she wanted to wear her princess panties (AKA Pull Ups) and went twice on her own (the picture is from her proudly showing off her stickers she got)…

Managing TIME… how not to be left with lots of laundry to fold and no TIME to do it!

I guess that’s what parenthood is all about… Managing TIME, making more TIME, and just enjoying the TIME we get with our kids.

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