Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A new poll.....

So, it occurred to me today that I have been working on updating my blog more frequently, mainly because Addison changes so frequently that I don't want to miss/forget anything. Like right now, while she should be sleeping, she is undressing a Barbie ("Darby" to her) and telling me she pooped her pants. I mean, come on, how funny is that??? But what occurred to me is I don't know if anyone ELSE actually reads this thing! So, while I am losing sleep, trying to come up with someone witty and interesting, there is really a darn good chance that it's just me and you, computer, reading this!

So, to spice stuff up (and validate that anyone is actually READING this!) I started a poll. I've been thinking a lot about prepping for the new baby, but not so much about how big/little/etc. the baby is. Those of you who have seen me lately know that I am bigger than the average bear... leading me to believe that the BABY is also a chunker.

So, if you actually read my blog, why don't you vote on the baby's size at birth? Addi weighed 9 lbs 4 ounces if that helps! I'll get some validation on whether I'm birthing a cow and some validation that I'm not just talking to myself. This time.

Oh, and if you scroll the very bottom of my page, there is a ticker on the baby's development. Apparently today it says she is smarter than Paris Hilton. As if there was any doubt.

1 comment:

Our Family said...

i was reading your blog today and decided to participate in the poll. Addi was not a little baby!! I am guessing 9lbs 2ounces for this one.
You look great by the way!

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