Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me???

So, today's title may seem a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I am being 100% serious! I went to bed last night, feeling very ho-hum. Woke up this morning and had a very typical start (recapped numerically here), and within an hour was once again reminded of how great life is. Mostly due to my amazing daughter. Thanks, Addi, for keeping me in check!

45 - the number of minutes I overslept
-1 - the number of showers I had this morning
4 - the number of times Smokey barked at me to be let out to potty
15 - the number of times Smokey barked to be let back IN (sorry neighbors!)
2 - the number of outfit choices Addi had (thank goodness for Kitty-cat socks)
6 - the number of times I explained to Addi that her stuffed kitty did not need a coat (imagine me holding the cat and Addi's arm side-by-side and explaining that they cat already had on a coat, unlike Addi), and was therefore warm enough
2 - the number of "friends" she insisted on bringing with her
3 - the number of friends she actually had (rogue Elmo in the car)
1 - the number of tries it took to buckle her in (she was extremely cooperative today!)
4 - the approximate inches of snow on our driveway
0 - the number of snow plows I saw driving to work
1 - the number of cars I almost hit coming to work (due to aforementioned snow)
3 - the number of times I totally cracked up at Addi during the car ride... She was feeding Elmo a pretzel and it was pretty darn funny
7 - the number of times have thought this morning just HOW DARN LUCKY I AM.

I complain, I feel down, I whine... but something as simple as Addi cracking up because she figured out how to stick pretzels in Elmo's mouth and my perspective totally changes. I have an amazing husband, daughter, and daughter-to-be, and nothing serious to complain about. I really am the luckiest person alive and am so blessed to have been reminded of it today.

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