Monday, February 18, 2008

Pink Slip Time, Paci!

So far, 2008 has been a BIG year for Addison! In January she started sleeping in her own bed, and I am happy to report that she has only slept with us twice and both of those times were this past weekend when she was sick. Last night she was back in her own bed and all was well.

Even MORE impressive is the newest pink slip given... to the PACI. We have been attempting to find the right time to fire it since she turned one and I am VERY happy to report that we have gone 24 hours without one! Yesterday, I had Jay cut the tip off of one (we tried this about 6 months ago and Addi totally didn't care, used it just like that) so I had doubts anything would be different this time. I handed Addi the paci and she looked at it and said "paci broken?" I said yes, it looked broken and she said "OK" and took it to the trash and threw it away. Then she grabbed the other two she had sitting there and threw them away too, saying they were broken too!

She walked away and I grabbed the last two out of the trash and stashed them somewhere safe. She didn't ask for one the rest of the day until bed time, and we told her "remember they were broken?" and she cried for a few minutes, then went to sleep. Today she asked a few times for them in the car, then tonight after we got home she never asked once, even at bed time.

She amazes me!!! She has successfully broken two bad habits and barely flinched. Jay and I, however, have been freaking about both for months. Maybe she really is in charge!

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