Monday, February 25, 2008

Feeling... uninspired....

So, I am still bad at updating this thing! But, life around the Ralph house has been kinda of... uninspiring. Actually, I would say it's been downright pukey!
That's right.... we managed to all get the flu this past week. Well, Addi got it earlier this week (threw up at swim class, yuck!) and I stayed home from work on Thursday because I was feeling so icky. Saturday, Jay and I woke up and were miserable, apparently we had the stomach flu. So, we spent the weekend, as a family, laying around the house feeling 'ucky' (as Addi calls it). Addi spent a lot of time this weekend chasing the dog around and around (and around) the house, but luckily he is fairly patient with her! She really likes to help feed him and for the most part stopped eating his food, so we are making progress.
Anyway, we had lots of plans for this past weekend to start getting stuff ready for baby number two. Guess there is always next weekend!

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