Saturday, November 24, 2007

Giving Thanks...

So, this year we had Thanksgiving at our house with my mom, Lee, Roxi, Sabrina, and Uncle Phil. For the most part it was great, very relaxing and fun... Jay (as always) overestimated the amount of food we needed and if we are done eating turkey by February I will be surprised.

There is a lot to give thanks for this year... a healthy family... a new baby on the way... success at work... but today, what I am thankful for is that Addi is FINALLY starting to listen! After months of trying to figure out what will make her listen and trying EVERYTHING (time out, yelling, slapping her hand, pretending to cry...) somehow timeout is starting to work! She actually stays there (a big deal) and two, seems to act better after being in it!

If only I could stop laughing silently when she is in it... she just looks too cute!

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