Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ralph Family Update

First of all, and most exciting... We are expecting a new baby in May! We have told our family and are slowing telling our friends, but we are really excited! Now, if only I could stop the morning sickness life would be GRAND!!!
Second of all, my camera is broken, so new pictures of Addi are limited. BUT I did get this one picture to work in the basement with no flash, so it's pretty dark. Jay finished a storage room in our basement last week so Addi can start playing down there this winter when it's too cold to go outside.
Finally, in toddler bed news... Addi has successfully moved to the new bed! The crib is totally gone and she goes right to sleep in the new bed and sleeps all night. Whew! It's nice to have the space in our bed now, since apparently to me, Jay constantly smells like onions. Dang pregnancy Dog Nose!!!! (Oh, and we checked with other people... apparently I am the only one who thinks he smells, so we don't have some sort of weird problem on our hands!)

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