Sunday, August 19, 2007


Wow.... How tired can one family be?????

This weekend we hosted the first of two big parties this month. Yesterday, we had a couple's shower for Jay's little brother Adam and his fiance Molly. 30 adults... 16 kids... DAYS of prepping our house! Cleaning, organizing, yard work.... somehow everything seemed dirtier this week!

Jay's sister made the majority of the food prior to heading over to our house but still, we prepped food on Saturday for FIVE hours! Overkill we all thought but everything turned out so great that it's hard to say it was a waste. It rained all day but was nothing short of beautiful last night. I really had a great time, loved entertaining in our house and having family around. I just hope Molly and Adam liked it.

Now, Sunday night, Jay, Addi and I have barely moved all day. SOoooo tired... we watched movies and had a lot of cuddle time. But one thing happened that made it really really seem like Addi is growing up... she walked in while Jay and I were starting a movie, handed me an Elmo video, and pointed to her playroom. I set her up in there and she watched the whole thing! She is such a big girl!!!!!

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